The SS1 and SS2 Deluxe Tandoor models each come with 8 stainless steel skewers having turned wooden handles. The SS1 and SS2 Ultima Tandoor models each come with an extra 2 skewers making for a total of 10. All models also come with two nann rods.  The skewers enable the unique option to cook food vertically in the oven.  As noted for grill cooking, when using the skewers you also get the advantage of cooking at much hotter temperature in the Tandoor compared with a conventional oven or BBQ, and the food is cooked over a bed of charcoal.  Cooking food over charcoal provides for that great char-grilled flavour.

As of June 2011, all our tandoors come with 2 x 4mm square skewers, with the remaining skewers being 6 mm square skewers.  Use the thinner skewers (4mm) for more delicate foods such as prawn, vegetables and paneer (cottage cheese) etc.

Use of the skewers is quite straight forward.  Simply slide what you want to cook up the rod leaving a gap a the top (about 10-15 cm - so that the food does not poke out the top of the Tandoor) and bottom (about 15-20 cm - so that the food is not too close to the coals). 

As a guide only, you can easily fit 5-6 chicken drum sticks on an SS2 model skewer (74 cm long) and 3-4 chicken drum sticks on an SS1 model skewer (67 cm long).

Provided you can get the food to stay on the skewers, there is no limitation on the type of food you can cook, meat, fish, vegetables etc.

A useful tip to prevent the food closest to the coals from charing to quickly is to use a heat shield such as a piece of potato (see picture above of pork ribs) or aluminium foil.  Our skewer stoppers are also great for this task.

Don’t be afraid to use more than 1 skewer to secure your food.  For example, see in the picture below where a double skewer technique has been used to secure an American style rack of marinated pork ribs (see picture).

When cooking with the skewers you will generally put the lid on so that it is adjacent the protruding skewers to help maintain the temperature in the oven and also allow cooking smoke out (see picture below). If the Tandoor is too hot, just take the lid off for a while. 

The skewers will be much easier to clean when they are still warm.

A great advantage of Tandoor cooking is that your food is cooked without lying in any fat whatsoever!

See our “Recipe” page for some recipes to get you started cooking with the skewers.

Two skewers being used being to secure pork ribs ready for cooking - potato used as heat shield at end of skewers

Tandoori chicken cooking in Tandoor with potato pieces acting as heat shields

Tandoor lid slightly ajar next to skewers when cooking

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tandoori pork ribs
Tandoori chicken clay oven style
Meat cooking in tandoor

Using tandoori skewers in your tandoor

4 mm tandoor skewers (top) and 6 mm tandoor skewers (bottom)

Skewer stoppers to help stop food slipping down when cooking