Tandoori cuisine - introduction

The words “Tandoor” and “Tandoori” are often used to define the flavour of food that is imparted from ingredients used in a “Tandoori” recipe.  However, Tandoor” and “Tandoori” are actually words that describe any food cooked in a Tandoor oven.  It just so happens that this cooking method has become synonymous with the food prepared by the method.

If you have not used a Tandoor before, you will soon get used to this new and exciting way of cooking food.  The main differences between cooking with a Tandoor and cooking with a conventional oven or BBQ is that a Tandoor can reach temperatures in excess of 400oC, and that food can be cooked vertically (using the skewers and the clay wall of the tandoor) or horizontally (using the grill).  Apart from getting great char-grilled flavoured food, an added bonus of cooking food in a Tandoor is that it is done fat free - your food will not sit in a pool of fat as it cooks!

Food cooked in your Tandoor can also develop a great outer crispy skin due to the high temperatures and the dry heat from cooking over the charcoal.

We recommend firing up the Tandoor about 30-40 minutes before you are ready to cook.

See our “How to use” your tandoor page for an introduction on the basics of using your tandoor.

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Click on the following recipe links to help get you started on the path to becoming a Tandoori master!

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Sweet spiced tandoori pineapple

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