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Australia & New Zealand Delivery:

Delivery typically takes between 5 to 10 working days.

For all other countries please contact us via: international-sales@tandoorliving.com.au

Payment options:

Option 1 - Credit card payment

Payment via credit card (processed using the security of PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account).

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Contact Tandoor Living Australia using one of the options below

  1. (1)Give us a call to find out further details: within Australia Ph 0409 168 361; outside of Australia Ph +61 409 168 361


  1. (2)Contact us by email to find out further details - just use the email address below.  In that case, please be sure to let us know which Tandoor model you are interested in, and also provide us with at least the post code of the address where the Tandoor is to be delivered:



  1. (3)Contact us by filling out the form below to find out further details. In that case, please be sure to: (a) provide us with your return email address, (b) check a box next to the product you are interested in, and (c) provide us with at least the post code of the address where the product is to be delivered.  If the “submit” button does not appear at the bottom of the form below, please contact us by email (option (2) above) or telephone (option (1) above).


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